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On this week's show hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk about Anonymous putting forth a DDoS free speech petition, various violent video game buyback programs, the video game industry meeting with Vice-President Joe Biden's Gun Violence Commission last week, and a whole lot more. Download it now: SuperPAC Episode 36 (1 hour, 7 minutes) 61.5 MB.

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Credits: The Super Podcast Action Committee is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen, and produced by James Fudge. Music in the show includes "Albino" by Brian Boyko and "Barroom Ballet" by Kevin MacLeod. Both are in the public domain and free to use. ECA bumper created by Andrew Eisen.

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  • Karly, that was amazing. There was ntiohng you said which did not completely resonate with me. I too have suffered anxiety and depression all my adult life, and now I'm battling with the pain of bereavement following the sudden and traumatic death of my mother before my eyes. I've tried so hard to follow the sugar programme, but somehow you never seemed real to me and I couldn't get out of my head the fact that you were some beautiful shiny all-American girl who just had life all worked out. I accepted that you had issues with food, but the fact that your binge food was raisins made me feel that you were somehow better' than me with my chocolate, and that your program would only work for good' people like you.Anyway, I've seen now that you're real. You're still amazing, but maybe that means I'm amazing too. I too will need to take my antidepressants for a long time, maybe all my life, but I will stop listening to the people in my life who take that as a sign that I am therefore broken and need fixing. I'm also definitely a highly sensitive person, but I listen too much to people who say I'm neurotic, or a worry wart, or whatever else the unkind label might be. Last week the gastric band surgeon who fitted my gastric band which has left me 20 pounds heavier then when I started said that I obviously can't deal with stress in my life and he also implied that this was all my own fault. Judgement, condemnation and pain. I'm so grateful to you for your openness, because now I can really hear you when you speak to us about what we need to do. Thank you so much. I've a long journey ahead of me but at least I'm on the right road at last.

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