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Like two ships that pass in the night, hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight could not find their way to common shores earlier in the week. Thankfully they finally connected on Tuesday night and Episode 32 sprang from their creative loins. Read into that what you will. This week they talk about the Hitman Facebook app controversy, the European Wii U eShop restrictions on adult content, and analyst Michael Pachter's comments about how Activision should charge a monthly fee for Call of Duty multiplayer. Download it now: SuperPAC Episode 32 (1 hour, 6 minutes) 61 MB.

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Credits: The Super Podcast Action Committee is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen, and produced by James Fudge. Music in the show includes "Albino" by Brian Boyko and "Barroom Ballet" by Kevin MacLeod. Both are in the public domain and free to use. ECA bumper created by Andrew Eisen.

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  • Peter Wicks found the Temby Report into the HSU rather diisppointang — so he has produced his own “Wixxy Report”, which is much shorter, cheaper and far more entertaining. Kathy Jackson and Ian Temby, QC [url=]hzalcfmc[/url] [link=]azgbanudx[/link]

    posted by: Mor on 2013-09-15 21:49:47

  • you have one chance to come clean with me and only one chace . i lokeod into his eyes with a what are you talking about look for about 5 secs. then i broke down and told him about the doctor that just threw anti-depressants and sleeping pills at me and how i tried the adderall on my own and how i felt normal for the first time in my life and to my surprise he agreed with me. he told me buying the prescription was wrong but he didnt blame me because he knew i felt hopeless. so,like an angel, he prescribed it to me and said that he prayed over it and thats why he helped me. he said he had a feeling he was being conned(which he was) but he felt that i was legit in some way. and god gave him a feeling(TOLD HIM) to help me and thank godd he did because now i feel like i can do my job working on helicopters, do my air national guard job on f-16s, and take care , play with , and support , my wife and 3 kids without screwing up and if i do screw up i feel like i have the umph to make it better if not fix it! i say all THAT to say this. ive tried from the time i was 15 to now to find something to help me feel normal or at least in charge a little. from pot ( which isnt bad ) to exctasy ( which is good depnding on whats in it ) to cocaine ( which is horrible! period paragragh!) and this led me to big addictions especially with pain meds! and now i dont even feel the slightest urge ( EVEN THE SLIGHTEST) to do any of that sh!t! thnx for listening and i hope my posts help at least one person whether its someone with add or someone living with add. if ur the later pls remember to treat them delicately as they adjust to there meds and if they havent gotten their meds yet be super delicate because we have a tendency to either blow up or implode which neither is good for anyone so just take it easy k .. thnx for listening rick from starkville

    posted by: Tabacu on 2013-09-15 18:05:36

  • I just listened to this podacst and had to rush to my computer to make a comment. I am bi-polar. Drew Dudley's description of living with bi-polar disorder is the best I have ever heard. It was as if he crawled inside my head, pulled everything out, and explained it to me. I cried and cried. I am going to share this podacst with my friends and family so that they may better understand what I experience. Thank you for the podacst and thank you Mr. Dudley for being so honest about your experiences. For the record, I am fully compliant with my medication and have not been off them for years I still miss the manic me everyday. [url=]rqppnva[/url] [link=]ipanzlr[/link]

    posted by: Albert on 2013-09-15 07:43:33

  • Wow Karly, Here is a hug ((((((((Karly))))))))). I posted a peiorvus comment based on listening to your mp3 but had not yet read what you wrote.Thank you so much for sharing. I am bipolar and it cost me my marriage, my house, muy car, lots of heirlooms I had been given and my job and almost me my children and my life. Yet I still want to believe that it really isn't bipolar. I have this inaccurate belief that if I only eat right and exercise and have enough faith and go to enough counseling that I will be well. The whole of society feeds into it. I have two young adult children who have mental health issues yet they continue to tell me that taking medication daily is bad or wrong.Unfortunately my medication does not always work. That makes it even harder. Also my addictions, my bipolar, my PSTD, my fibromyalgia and my sleep problems are so intertwined that it is almost impossible to understand what I need to do. The doctors themselves even point the finger at each other. And then church and other spiritual based programs that I work on a daily basis just add to the burden by telling me that if I had enough faith i would be okay, I could handle it, I would not be depressed or angry or hopeless. I am bombarded on a daily basis with messages that this is my fault and that I could do something about it if I wanted to.Part of what makes it hard about giving up the sugar is that I know that on some level the motivation is wrong. I have this false belief that if I give up the sugar I will be cured. I know that this is not accurate. I know that giving up the sugar will help, but it will not CURE me. I will still be bipolar, I will still have sleep disorders and I will still have fibromyalgia. Knowing this discourages me from trying to care for myself. I feel like what is the point. If I won't be cured what is the point.I have this belief that I am flawed, that I have been handed a bad hand in life, that I am being punished. I have been unable to reach the acceptance of who and what I am and to look past the pain to the good things that I have. Hopefully working through the Sugar program will help me to accept who I am and to truly feel in my heart what I know in my head and that is that I am a precious child of God. I am beautiful and loving and caring and sensitive and I am a worthy person.

    posted by: Luciene on 2013-09-13 18:59:32

  • As a mother of twins I am alywas comparing my children. When my daughter was a few months old I felt like she was a little behind developmentally in comparison to my son and that prompted me to question her doctor. It turned out she was behind and our doctor refeerred us to the state program Infants and Todlers . Through that program my daughter was evaluated and her developmental progress was monitored. They worked with us to teach us the parents how to help her learn and develop. Within a few months she caught on and since has been developing normally . But, if I wasn't comparing my kids, I might have over looked her issues and we could be dealing with a worse problem now. I guess my point is that it's not alywas a bad thing to compare your children or compare your children to other kids. As long as its for their benefit and not yours!

    posted by: Teresa on 2013-09-12 19:11:26

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