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It looks like Episode 25 will be a day late and a dollar short as the crew is overcome by technical problems. Look for it to show up sometime early Tuesday morning right here! Until then why not revisit some of our earlier episodes, just for fun?

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  • Love the vids and was wondering what heenppad to MUT cuz I watched every episode the day it came when u played MUT11 and was excited to see MUT12 which rarely comes out. Also don't that Red Sox franchise cuz they already have the money and players. Do a team that is young and not to much talent(not the royals cuz someone is already doing that) do a team like the pirates or the A's. It would be cool to watch you rebuild a team with not to much money or talent!!!!!!Keep it up

    posted by: Aniol on 2013-09-13 15:08:42

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